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Cell Phone Common Problems and its Solution

how to keep cell phone safe & scratch free

How to Recover a Wet Cellphone?

Accidentally dropped your mobile phone inside the wash basin, bathtub or your swimming pool? Oh no, it is almost dead; shouts your heart. But chill, there is still a chance to revive it. Quickly turn OFF the cellphone and remove the battery cover and put the phone in a plastic bag of dry rice and news paper cuttings. This may help you soak out the water from your phone. If it is day time, you can also put the bag out in sun for quick evaporation.

How to Fix a Scratched Display Screen?

Nothing takes away the charm away from a newly bought shiny new mobile phone than a scratched display scree. Scratches on your phone’s screen gives you a tough time reading? Rather than replacing a screen (or worse, replacing the whole machine), fix the scratch with one of these basic tools: a pencil eraser or petroleum jelly.

For pencil eraser method: Wipe away any dirt or dust from the screen and scratched area. Then, find a clean pencil eraser and buff out the scratch. Wipe away eraser shavings.
– For petroleum jelly method: Wipe any dirt or dust from the screen with a soft cloth (not paper — that will scratch more) and minimal pressure. Rub petroleum jelly into the scratch. Wipe away excess jelly from screen with a soft, clean cloth.

 How to clean a Dirty, Sticky and Non-functional Mobile Phone Keypad?

Shake the cellphone gently to remove dirt, dust, and food debris from the keypad. Blow compressed air (from a can) in between the rows of keys to loosen more dirt. Turn the keypad upside down and shake gently again. Vacuum between keys to pick up excess dirt. Finally, take a piece of soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the remaining fine dust particles from the keypad.

 How to Fix Trackball Malfunction of Your Cellphone?

Looking for an important email, and the trackball on your smartphone just refuses to scroll? It’s dust and dirt. Just like in a computer mouse, dust and dirt also make the movement of your trackball tardy. Just soak alcohol in a cloth and rub it over and around the trackball. Another way can be to pop out the trackball and clean it manually, but you should do it ONLY IF you know what you are doing!

 How to Fix Cellphone Hangs (Freeze)?

Your phone often hangs? It simply refuses to respond. Here the first step is to switch off the device and power it again. In case this does not work, remove the battery and reboot it. Another way to restore it is to try connecting it to your computer. Also, look for instructions in your phone’s setting menu. It might help.


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