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Changing Jobs again and again how to explain in interview

This article provides information on Job Hopping – How To Explain It

The average interview for any job and profession intimidates most everyone. That is its nature. How do you handle interviewing when you have something that is a discrepancy in your career history? While it can be common to have lapses in employment or changes from industry to industry, it is often not looked upon with favour from potential employers. If you have these lapses or have a history of what looks to be job-hopping, how do you best prepare to answer for this in the interview-so that you are looked at as a valuable candidate for the open position? Below, we offer tips.

The first thing that an interviewer thinks when they see a job history that has lots of jobs with small amount of time spent in each, is that you are either irresponsible in relation to your career, or apt to change your mind as is your nature. Neither one is anything they are looking for in a candidate. So, when they ask you directly what the reason is for so many jobs in a small amount of time, you must be prepared with a good answer.

The Reason
There are a wide variety of reasons that you may have job hopped in your career history-from determining your career path, finding a better job, job availability, personal demands, and moving due to a spouse’s career or family. This said, there are only a few that will look positive to the employer-meaning not demonstrative of irresponsibility or changeability. These are: your spouse’s career or family; personal problems-illness, family death, problems, etc; needing more responsibilities or satisfaction, or that the positions were seasonal or temp positions. Most all candidates with a spotty career history can attest to one of these reasons.

If you cannot blame any of the reasons listed above as the reason for your resume spottiness, then you must be able to be honest with the employer. If you went through a tough time in your life or did-in fact-have some periods of irresponsibility, you have to be able to admit it; but also, show how you have grown since that time, and learned your lesson. This can be from your most recent position or career, and you should be able to show specific examples of your growth.

Tie Positions Together
If you chose a wide variety of kinds of positions and industries, then it is your job to show some connection between them. The best way to go about this is through the skill sets learned and built upon in all categories and positions. Focus on general skills and characteristics such as leadership, versatility, and communications; show examples of each of these skills through previous positions; and let them know the unique and significant value this brings their company and the position that you are applying for.

In closing, of course every career minded individual is a work in progress-and employers know this-so do not feel disheartened just because you have a spotty or inconsistent resume to offer. Instead, in all cases show your potential and how these experiences have added significant value to your career, life as a person and a candidate for their job position.

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