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Google VS Facebook

                                                                                                    Google vs Facebook

Today was my first day of GOOGLE+ experience as the google+ is still in refferal beta phase now which means the facilities of the product can be experienced by certain group of people thanks to one of my friends that today i have my account on google+.

google+Why did google had to launch plus as social networking site well the way  facebook was getting bigger and bigger it was the only way to sustain in a  long term. People are very excited about this new kid on the block and  everyone is writing a lot about GOOGLE & FACEBOOK. Now here are a few  inside look which i would like to tell you
Why google has advantage over facebook In india 65 % people use google as search engine

45% people use facebook
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced  last Wednesday that a new video chat feature powered by Skype will be added to Facebook.
Google is ranked no. 1 in the world according to all traffic rankings. The site has been online for at least thirteen years.
Google market cap is $167.90 billion.
Google revenue for 2008 was 21,796 Million, for 2009 23,651 million, 2010 29,321 and Q1 2001 was 8,575.
Google has 25,000 employees .
Google hiring rose more than 4,500 full-timers in 2010, Google is adding more than 6,200 new workers in 2011 this will be the biggest hiring year in company history.
Google has an advantage in the social versus search war by being the owner of the largest, and most profitable, social networks ever – YouTube.
The majority of video shared on Facebook comes from YouTube, and the flow of traffic from Google and YouTube tosocial media Facebook is only matched by the flow of traffic from Facebook to Google and YouTube.
In-fact – Facebook and YouTube seem to exist in a symbiotic relationship.
These two Titans of the Internet are almost completely reliant on each other.
Facebook derives so much of its traffic and shared content from YouTube, whilst YouTube relies on so much traffic driven from Facebook.
In many ways Google is well ahead of Facebook in the sense that Google have really the best search in the planet earth.
Google have about 800 million of users each month and they have a huge social network and the largest video-sharing site online in YouTube.

whatever the market share google has we can never forget this fantastic platform as facebook has given to people because of which face book has over 700 million users all over the globe. social media in india

and here below are a few features which you can corelate among google+ and other sites.

Circles = Facebook. Share content with your friends, only you don’t have to share everything with everybody at once. You can pick and choose specific groups.

Sparks = Google Reader. Subscribe to news and information sources and get a constantly updated feed.

Hangouts = Tinychat. Live video conversations with multiple friends at once.

Instant Uploads = Microsoft Kin (and iCloud, and…). Snap photos with your phone and they’re automatically uploaded to an online storage spot on Google Plus.

Huddle = GroupMe. Group chat.

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