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Top ten Most Expensive Google acquisitions

Global search corporation Google inc.added to it’s already hefty empire when it announced its planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility the morning of august 15 2011.The purchase marked Googles most expensive acquisition to date at a staggering $ 12.5 billion.

FYI Google has acquired more than hundred companies over the past eight years. Curious about its most expensive acquisitions thus far ? Go through the below mentioned info to discover how Google has integrated it’s Top ten Priciest purchases.

  • D-MARK Broadcasting – In January 2006 Googles acquired advertising company DMARK Broadcast for$102 millions.Google integrated DMark into it’s Adsense App.
  • On2 Technologies – After negotiations between the two companies, Google acquired Video compression company On2 in Feb 2010for $133 millionin Google stock On2 designed video Codec technology which Google used to optimize its WebM video format.
  • Slide.com – Google bought web2.0 company Slide.comin August 2010 for $182 million. Originally founded by Paypal co-founder. Slide.com was known as Largest third party developer Facebook applications until Google purchased it “tomake Google services socially aware.”
  • ADMELD – Google purchased Admeld in June 2011 for $400 million. The company specialized in optimizing Online ad yield by simplifying Ad Display. Google integrated Admeld with its additional Double click and invite Media acquisitions.
  • POSTINI – In July 2007 Google acquired web security and archiving company postini for $ 625 millions. It provides the cloud computing services and spam filters that Google soon integrated to Gmail.
  • ITA Software – Google purchased travel industry software company ITA Software for $700 million in July 2010. Google uses ITA Software to optimize its travel and flight search.
  • AdMOB – In November 2009 Google acquired mobile ad company admob for $750 Million. The company helped Google improve It’s mobile advertising solutions.
  • YOU TUBE – Long ago in October 2006 Google bought youtube for a shocking  $1.65 billion. Although the company wasn’t absorbed by Google Video, You tube continues to function as a Google Subsidiary.
  • DOUBLE CLICK – Google purchased double click for $3.1 billion in april 2007. The Google subsidiary provides ad service and support to AdSense.
  • MOTOROLA MOBILITY – Google’s most recent and expensive acquisition occurred yesterdaywith it’s purchase of motorola mobility. Motorola is one of 39 manufacturers of Android handsets. By purchasing a mobile hardware manufacturer and getting around over 26000 patents, Google hopes to supercharge android ecosystem.
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