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Become a Celebrity…  Now Who does not want to be the center of Attraction or be talked about. Yet it was pretty tough to get known because Not only that Normal 9 to 5 kind of people didn’t have the medium even if they have some very Valuable content or knowledge to share.

But it’s Pretty easy now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut (decreasing popularity in India though orkut is becoming more popular in South Africa nowadays) social networking sites that we are able to share our nitty witty things with our friends and family.

Recently while attending a webinar of a prominent blogger in U.S. it was discussed that these all medium has given Birth to such a
Strong Network medium that recently when DISNEY had to make some announcement the CEO took a decision to go via Bloggers to spread the news and overnight the news reached to 10 million people can you believe it that only 6 bloggers got the news spread to 10 million people. One more incident i will tell you Mr. Charlie Sheen of the famous Two and Half Men Series, recently when he opened his account on Twitter within 24 hrs. he had more than a Million followers now he is certainly going to reap the benefit of it by endorsing & promoting products but talking about so called 9 to 5 guys like us its 5 ways how you can get people to follow you.

1. SHARE CONTENT – If you really have something fantastic to share about Go ahead right now itself there are various

paurush postssuperb sites where you can post your content to get found by the people not only in your network but for the whole world and to let them want for it more & more from you.

2. Optimize the writing –  Always find out What you are going to write about. are you keeping the big picture in mind what people would like to read by cutting the BS and making the content short and sweet.

3. Choosing the right Portal –
As by choosing the right portal you will not only be able to advertise it by using the social networks, but it will also be crawled by GOOGLE.which is i feel is the Boss of all search engine at this point of time.

4. Subscription Form –
When people will hit your content on the web, Give them an opportunity to get enrolled to your blogs.Well as the people will enroll its no magic that more and more people would like read or go through your content.

5. Promote it – As  posting right content itself is not the only way but to promote it at the right time and via right medium is the most important stuff as i feel.i will tell you its about tagging and using the right keywords.

Well this much for now as it’s the first part only some more stuff will be coming soon so… visit me again and please don’t forget to drop a mail to

Thanks for visiting ……signing off.

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Certified Internet Marketing Professional


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